Frequently Asked Questions.

 What is iNetBits?

iNetBits is a free, cloud-based service, that consolidates pertinent content from different providers over different platforms and suggests special keywords, that helps you focus on the most relevant results. iNetBits serves also as a promotion platform that makes it easy to initiate content marketing campaigns, that will drive traffic to your blog, thus creating leads which will eventually become paying customers. iNetBits can enhance your Internet experience whether you're a novice or a hard core professional.

 How much is your app?

$0.00 - Our basic service is available for free as a website also suited for mobile phones and other platforms. Additional special advanced promotional services are offered for sale to our users - please contact us and we'll provide you with additional information!

 Why do I need this?

In the not-too-distant past, information could be difficult to come by. One might need to travel to a large library, special collections or the headquarters of an association in order to get technical data. The Internet has changed all that. But now, we are bombarded by information. While this is a problem for many industries and individuals alike, the savvy marketing professionals or social media experts see it as an advantage in order to establish and enhance their online presence and position themselves as an authority in their fields. According to recent market surveys, the demand for these kind of services is expected to grow in the next few years at an annual rate of almost 50%.

 Why should I use iNetBits?

iNetBits lets you harness the latest cloud technology to efficiently scan all your favorite content providers. You'll avoid being exposed to all types of target marketing platforms that may compromise your privacy. Instead of opening dozen of tabs on your web browser, slowing down your computer and wasting bandwidth, you'll be able to discover the best content providers and obtain the most relevant and reliable results to your queries.

 What's unique about iNetBits?

iNetBits is the only platform that addresses all the aspects of content marketing, As an aggregator, iNetBits can handle the three major distribution channels that are used by all major content providers: RSS feeds, website internal search engines and social network pages. iNetBits bridges the gap between the different platforms, thus preventing the need to switch back and forth, and eventually saves you precious time. once you've discovered a content you wish to share with your followers, iNetBits allows you to attach a fully customized banner that will draw traffic to your website from all major social networks.

 Is it better than general search engines?

iNetBits is the ideal tool to perform vertical search queries. Contrary to common belief, there has been a growing demand for these kinds of tools as opposed to general search engines. The reason for this is quite simple: people tend to search for content providers using general search engines. Once they discover a site that provide the right content, they'll turn and use the site internal search function in order to get the most up-to-date results. iNetBits allows you to currate those specific search engines, from different sites in order to obtain more relevant and secured results. Imagine that in a click of a button, you can instruct iNetBits to perform a survey that will report prices and stock availability for a specific product amongst your favorite online retailers. While it may seem at first glace, that you're reducing the scope of your search - you will soon discover that you'll end up getting more relevant and secured results from content providers you trust, compared to those obtained from general search sites.

 Is it better than social networks?

Social networks were initialy designed to serve for the purpose of micro - blogging, however today social networks contain alot of important content, but due to the nature of those websites, most of the content is scattered among dozens of forums, which makes it hard to access. As a content oriented platform iNetBits can consolidate posts from several groups and pages on different social networks that share a simmilar topic. iNetBits does not post on any social network on your behalf nor does it read your contats details so you can use our tool without compromizing your online security.

 Is it better than RSS readers?

RSS popularity suffered a major drawback after Google announced back in 2013 that it will power down Google Reader. However most of the sites still use this technology and if you were not aware of it before - it's time to discover this wonderful service using a perfect tool!

 Is it better than mailing lists?

Many people use "Push technology" - based alternatives such as subscribing to mailing lists or RSS feeds. By using these kind of services, you get all the information sent to your account automatically and stored on your storage space - which is fine if you don't have an Internet connection available on the road. But these days, when you can find WiFi hotspots and cellular networks everywhere, these considerations are no longer relevant and you might even end up wasting precious bandwidth. According to recent surveys, many people, overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive each day, tend to un-subscribe from mailing lists. iNetProbe is the only tool that let's you search RSS feeds dating back as far as 2014. So if you forgot where you read a specific article and wish to share it with your friend, iNetProbe provides the perfect solution.

 What about other curating services?

There are many platforms that let's you share content with your friends. Those platforms share two major drawbacks - if you're looking for breaking news for example, you might want to get a more professional coverage from major news agencies. If you are creating content on the other hand, you will probably publish it on your blog, where you can gain revenue from advertisements.